Heritage Blend


dark chocolate, orange citrus, berry

Roast: Espresso

The Heritage blend is close to our hearts at Nomad Coffee Studio, an ode to the world’s oldest and most well-known Mocha Java blend producing a rich, full-body espresso that is wonderfully balanced; dark chocolatey, with notes of nutty almond and hints of dried blueberry.

Combining versatile coffees from the regions of Africa and Asia, this blend is reminiscent of past generations and the long-held tradition of coffee traders sailing to different regions to collect beans and mixing them to achieve a rich and nostalgic flavor profile.

Cupping NotesIn the cup richly balanced; bakers chocolate, with a wonderful nutty almond and deeper hints of blueberry top notes

Grind Type

Whole Bean, Espresso, Auto Drip, Pour over, French Press


250g, 500g, 1Kg

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