• Barista Naeem

    My name is Muhammad Naeem Khan, better known as Naeem Barista. I am 20 years old and currently employed as a barista at DROP Coffee Bar in Karachi. Originally from Muzaffarabad, Punjab, I moved to Karachi at a very young age; I must have been seven at the time. I did not have any exposure …

  • Barista Adnan

    Adnan Ali Chinioti, a barista from Chiniot. What started as a part-time job soon turned into a full-blown obsession, leading Adnan to switch to specialty coffee and become head barista at Bistro Noir. Adnan is determined to promote coffee culture in Pakistan and showcase what the country is capable of in the coffee industry. Adnan captures the beauty of the coffee-making process through his camera lens, immortalizing it in photos and videos.

  • Barista Ali

    Hello, my name is Shehbaz Ali, but people know me as Barista Ali. My family is originally from Attock, but I’m born and bred in Islamabad. I did my ICOM and started working part time to become financially stable, before starting my job as a barista at different commercial cafes in Islamabad. My first job was in the restaurant industry, but that’s what made me curious about coffee. I started working in the coffee industry in 2010, purely because I was inspired.

  • Barista Sunil

    Hey, there! I’m Sunil Gill, but I’m mostly known as “Barista Sunil”. Has a great ring to it, doesn’t it? I’m 24-year-old, originally from Jhelum. My family came to Rawalpindi when I was 5. I haven’t studied much – uptil 9th grade. I left school after that, and weirdly, that was the start of my barista journey.

  • Barista Marium

    Hello, I’m Marium Asghar and I’m a 23 years old barista, born and bred in Lahore’s Cantt area. I belong to a middle class family. I completed my bachelors in Arts from Punjab University and I’m currently doing my MBA. I’m also working as a Barista and Trainer at Pantheon coffees. I’m representing Barista Guild Asia here and I work from 10am – 7pm.

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