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JULY 19, 2022

Our new ‘Colombia Los Alpes’ is out

Finca Los Alpes was established in 1974 and today 100 hectares are under coffee (100% Caturra) while the rest of the farm is naturally preserved. Doña Elvia and Don Juan Arboleda manage the finca together with their children Juan Alvaro and Olga. The farm has its own wet mill and after depulping the fermentation process starts and lasts between 15 to 19 hours – depending on the relative humidity. After thoroughly washing the coffee the drying process begins lasting up to seven days.

JULY 19, 2022

Our new blend ‘Traveller’ is out

Traveller embodies everything we love about making blends and has evolved with much experimentation over the last few months as our roasting lab’s house blend. We love how it balances the relationship between citric acidity flavors with full bodied chocolates while adding a surprising spice note. This balanced, yet surprisingly complex coffee is approachable to all and performs well on its own for the purist or with dairy, making it a true answer for all coffee needs.

JUNE 15, 2022

Behind the Bar Series

We want to highlight an important part of our everyday coffee experience in our cities today – the barista. Who is the barista today in Pakistan? What is their story? What is their perspective on what is happening in coffee today? How do they express their passion for coffee?

‘Behind the Bar’ series is a photo essay series by Nomad Coffee Studio to learn more about and the barista in Pakistan.

Introducing Gaggia in Pakistan

Nomad Coffee Studio is proud to introduce Gaggia in Pakistan with its series of super automatic and automatic coffee machines making the best tools for the modern home  barista accessible for the home barista. We start with the introduction of iconic Gaggia Classic Pro that has a cult following around the world.

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