Eureka – Atom Specialty 65E Black

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The Eureka Atom 65 remains one of the quietest all-purpose espresso grinders out there with its sleek sound-insulated casing. With speed and consistency on par with any commercial grinder, it’s perfect for the small café or home barista trying to bring consistency and reliability in the espresso extraction.

As with all of Eureka’s grinders, the Atom 65 is designed to combine hand-built quality with innovative convenience. Their patented micro-metric grind adjustment dial makes adjustments, big or small, quick and easy. This design moves the lower burr to adjust grind size, which means that you can remove the upper burr for cleaning without losing your setting – a feature unique to all of the Eureka grinders. Switching to a setting coarse enough for a full batch of drip coffee takes just two full rotations. For those that want a burr grinder with cafe-quality espresso without cafe levels of noise, it’s hard to beat the Eureka Atom 65.
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