Origami Dripper Air S Matte Green


Experience brewing perfection with the AIR S Brewer, designed to be compatible with both wave and conical style filters. Crafted with a cutting-edge styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer, the Air S is not only resistant to boiling water but also dishwasher-friendly. Say goodbye to fragile brewers and hello to durability

The ORIGAMI dripper was designed by the founder of Trunk Coffee in collaboration with Origami Japan. It features a beautiful and playful design with 20 ridges that optimizes the bloom and brew speed for maximum control.

These AS drippers are a stunning representation of the beloved original Origami series, but with the added benefit of being made from shatterproof material. So, you can enjoy your brewing rituals without worrying about accidents.

This S size dripper is suitable for 1-2 cups of pour over coffee. It fits size 01 Hario filters and 1-2 cup Kono  and Kalita 155 filters.

Dripper & holder are hand wash only.

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