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The Appia Life builds on the success of the Appia, further pushing the limits of the already proven espresso machine. It is a machine of high productivity and high performance. Combined this with its proven reliability and modern style make it the ideal machine for any room.

Building on the success of its previous series the Appia and Appia II, the Appia Life is the result of continuous studying and researching of the Nuova Simonelli Team to improve the previous generations of this reliable Espresso Machine.

The Appia Life is simple and innovative. The Appia Life stands out, not only for its proven reliability but also for the modern style that makes it unique. It’s new design includes energy saving efforts to be sustainable and cost effective, without losing it performance.

Built to impress baristas and customers alike, the Nuova Simonelli Appia Life volumetric espresso machine produces top-notch espresso for an unforgettable experience. The steel machine features easy-to-use technology for the barista, allowing them to craft the perfect cup repeatedly throughout the day. Its cool touch wand prevents barista injury during the espresso-making process.

To add versatility and convenience, this machine offers both volumetric and manual dosing, allowing the barista to choose the perfect option for their specialty drinks. A soft infusion system helps to reduce human error by optimizing tamping to create the perfect cup of coffee. Serving consistently smooth coffee is an important step to securing repeat business, as customers can trust that their first cup of high-quality espresso is just the first of many.

To ensure you are giving your customers the highest quality espresso possible, this machine is equipped with a user-friendly push pull steam system. Making the perfect cup of espresso has never been so easy!

Suitable for small to mid-size volume locations.

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