Gaggia Magenta Prestige



This model is ideal for people looking for high quality beverages, variety and customization – typical of a Gaggia fully auto machine – combined in a very simple and immediate product.

One of the highlights of this machine is the color display with capacitive buttons. Thanks to it, all functions are shown on the same screen and are easy to see. It is possible to select your language among 21 different ones, and start, in a click, your personal coffee experience.

To free your contemporary Home Barista spirit, the menu includes up to 12 beverages. From the latte macchiato to the flat white, the americano or the latte, you can personalize them easily and save them for next uses.

Once again, details make a difference. The stainless-steel espresso tray encloses years of expertise in the world of the espresso at home. In fact, if you take it and place it at the right height, you can have your espresso with an impeccable crema layer on top, anytime. No splashes while brewing and a perfect result, just as it was made by a barista! The milk carafe, perfectly integrated in the machine’s front, allows you to get a dense and velvety milk froth for your drinks. Moreover, as it is removable, you can place in the fridge after use, or deeply clean it when needed.

Another must are the 100% ceramic grinders, that you can adjust on 5 different levels. They grind coffee beans, preventing overheating and burning, for a marvelous fresh taste at every use. While, if you prefer to use a pre-ground coffee blend, just pour it in the specific compartment and select the option from the menu.

In addition, all cleaning and maintenance operations are made super easy because the display shows you all steps to follow.

Gaggia Magenta Prestige is entirely made in Italy, like all our superautomatic espresso machines.

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