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Origami Dripper M Turquoise (with holder)



The ORIGAMI dripper is designed with baristas & coffee lovers in mind; to help them in their journey of brewing the ultimate cup of coffee.

The vertical gutters of ORIGAMI dripper are designed for the perfect extraction speed – not too quick yet not too slow. Twenty vertical gutters create multiple air channels between the filter and the dripper, regulating the extraction speed and giving baristas full control over their brewing process.

It is made of Mino Ware ceramic, which is thinner compared to other ceramic drippers. This reduces heat lose during the brewing, which results in higher extraction & sweeter cup.


Makes up to 4 cups of pour-over, filter coffee
Achieves professional standards of flavor control
Comes in a beautiful box with design blueprint printed on


Material: Ceramic (Mino-yaki)
Size: Φ138×H87 (drip hole: Φ25)
Suitable for use in microwave/oven/dishwasher
Use Kalita Wave filter (185)/ Hario V60 filter (02) or other cone-shaped filter

Made in Japan

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