Kalita WAVE Pot 1ℓ


Body/Lid: Stainless steel
Bottom: Chrome
Handle: Wood

Bottom diameter: 122mm
Capacity: 1000ml

Made in Japan

“The Kalita wave stainless steel kettle 1L is specially designed for master control when brewing pour-overs. The spout is shaped in the gooseneck style, sometimes called ?dragon-neck?, which helps prevent the siphoning effect that can result in unwanted bursts in water VELOCITY. The Kalita kettle comes with a sharply pinched lip that allows for even higher levels of precision pouring to allow for complete control to achieve a balanced extraction. The wooden handle protects from the heat and is removable for use in dishwashers.

Pour-over coffee kettle made of stainless steel with a wooden handle. Gives you precise control over the pour of your water. For use on a gas or induction stove(100V).”

Weight 610 g

202 x 130 x 167

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