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Hario V60 Metal Coffee Dripper Size 02 Silver

The V60 coffee dripper controls the flow, timing and temperature of the water. Metal constructions allows better heat retention and stable pour over temperatures. Beautifully crafted for an expert cup of coffee. The V60 dripper is speciality coffee’s iconic pourover symbol and sign of quality and precision in pourover coffee.

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Hario v60-02 brews from 300 to 500 ml of coffee. The metal version really impresses with its appearance most V60. This is the perfect combination of extravagant design and functionality. It is characterised by a very good level of heat retention and a lightweight and durable construction. The conical shape and special grooves on the inside of the dripper ensure an excellent water flow. The dripper has a silicone holder to better match the ship on which it is placed on.

Dripper : Stainless steel, No coating
Holder : Silicone rubber
Measuring spoon : Polypropylene

Weight 140 g

145 x 120 x 90

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