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Gaggia Besana

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The Gaggia Besana is the easiest way to brew and steam your way to café-quality drinks with a simple twist of the knob and quick frothing with the classic pannarello wand.

The Gaggia Besana is a classic super-automatic machine with admirable features seen on higher-end Gaggia machines but at a better value. The ergonomic knob on the face of the machine makes it easy to select your preferred beverage whether you’re looking for a simple shot of espresso or an espresso lungo. If you’re looking for something in between, the memo function allows you to customize the length of your espresso to better suit your needs.

Besana doesn’t waste any time with the quick heat boiler to get brewing and steaming up to accurate temperatures in no time. You can select between three beverage options, an espresso, espresso lungo, and a caffe lungo, or dispense hot water for tea or hot cocoa through the pannarello steam wand.

Maintaining the Besana gets even easier. It holds up to 8 pucks of discarded coffee pucks, has a 1-liter reservoir capacity.

A couple of features we couldn’t resist mentioning is the uniquely curved design and the intuitive interface alerting the user when the machine is heating and brewing, when it’s time to descale when the coffee bean container is empty, and more convenient features that’ll make life super easy as a home or office barista. The Gaggia Besana is the place to start your journey making café-quality drinks without the hassle of manual brewing and steaming.

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