Eureka Atom Specialty 75E Espresso Grinder – Black

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The Eureka Atom 75 remains one of the quietest all-purpose espresso grinders out there with its sleek sound-insulated casing. With speed and consistency on par with any commercial grinder, it’s perfect to bring consistency and reliability in espresso extraction.

Atom 75E is a commercial, automatic grinder from Eureka. It combines new technology, great design and convenience.

Perfect for demanding baristas and professional use in busy cafes and bars.

Recommended as an espresso grinder. Key features include:

·       “Silent Technology” reducing the grinding noise by 15/20 dB compared to the conventional grinders.

·       “High Speed” grind dispersion: special engine-burrs set which optimizes the dispensing speed while preserving the proper temperature of coffee powder.

·       All-purpose fork for “Hands-Free” operations, suited to any kind of portafilter (also naked) due to the special geometry and the adjustable support.

·       5 buttons “Barista Special” electronics with “Start&Stop” function and “Extra Dose” mode.

.       “High Speed” Maintenance without losing the grinding settin

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