We are happy to announce our and Pakistan’s first direct coffee trade relationship with Brazil’s Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, or “Environmental Fortress Farm” in Sao Paulo operated by the fifth generation coffee farmers of Croce family.

FAF coffees is a family farm-focused purveyor of specialty coffees with a commitment to serving as a platform for redesigning the supply chain of premium, high quality Brazilian coffee. FAF Coffees follow a Total Quality approach by ensuring coffee quality is linked with holistic sustainable practices and quality of life for all involved in the supply chain. This Full Farm Sustainability models focusing on producing today without diminishing the ability to produce tomorrow.

These are values we stand behind and as Pakistan confronts a major climate change catastrophe, we are proud and confident of making global relationships that promote sustainability and responsibility.

The coffees that FAF produce are delicious and we are delighted in the coming to share more about what makes FAF coffees special, why direct trade is important in coffee for us and share more about our new FAF offerings

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